Are you looking for a little inspiration for your Milestone Session? Try a baby milk bath session! I have a vintage enamel baby bath tub which is the ideal size for sitting babies. After capturing a few images of baby alone and with mamma, we fill up the tub with a bath temperature dairy mixture (we can do dairy free as well).
I find that if your baby loves the tub at home they typically enjoy their bath session, and some babies actually become very relaxed and sleepy. We fill the tup to a shallow depth which allows for those lying down shots from above. Mom is of course spotting the entire time.
This is a great opportunity to grab some detail shots of those pudgy hands and little rolls. Babies always find those floating flowers mesmerizing.
This session setup isn’t just for girls either! I would love to try this out with a little boy using greenery or ferns. We can customize your flower preference and colors. I used a soft pink ranunculus flower here, paired with baby’s breath. How perfect would these images be hung up in a bathroom?